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Whilst we could give a multitude of suggestions on equipment, models, and trends, we wished to make guaranteed that you return to competition period prioritizing one particular issue, the ideal festival water bag. If there was 1 detail you required to spend funds on, it would be a responsible and functional rave bag. For our top decide, we are likely to advocate the RaveRunner Hydration Pack. Although we will get into the aspects of it beneath, we are position it as the most effective competition hydration pack only since of its appear and anti-theft style. Permit us consider a deeper glimpse now. 

Why is this the Greatest Festival Hydration Pack?

Anti Theft Hydration Pack Style and design

Let us converse about this even more, as some people today are a little unclear by what we indicate. Theft at songs festivals has been an ongoing difficulty for years now. There does not appear to be a adjust in the mentality of these intruders in the foreseeable long term, so anyone had to make a assertion by thoroughly changing the item style and design. Instead of owning the zipper in the back again like most backpacks, the anti-theft RaveRunner has zippers on the panel that lays on your back again. This way, nobody can enter your backpack unless it is off your shoulders. Of program, they have some external pockets, but the individuals at GenZ stress that these pockets are to be made use of entirely for gum and other affordable objects. 

If we did not previously influence you that this was the finest competition hydration pack then verify this out. The RaveRunner also has some concealed pockets. If an individual was to ever steal your total backpack, you may possibly be capable to stop them from thieving your money and credit score cards if you are to use the hidden pockets and somehow take care of to get your anti-theft festival bag back. 

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Hydration Pack Rave

Not only is an anti-theft hydration pack advantageous, but this hydration pack RAVES. Certainly, this pageant bag can light up with EL wire and a patent pending underglow technology to make it a absolutely purposeful LED backpack. Does your current hydration pack rave? If not, consider a rapid look at how you can thread the light-weight string wire through the pack. Now, when you are in the crowd, your buddies will simply be ready to location you from a considerably knowing what color and the design of your EL wire is. This tends to make it the fantastic competition drinking water bag for your next function.

I will also mention that the underglow tends to make you stand out so a great deal far more. Men and women will most most likely end and hangout all-around you to dance on your self-designed disco floor. I would hugely propose examining out the picture below so that you comprehend what we suggest when we phone this the very best competition hydration pack.

A person riding a scooter on a sidewalk

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Custom Patterns

If an anti-theft hydration pack that raves was not more than enough for you, then go ahead and get a customized skin panel created by you. GenZ has a application on their web site that enables you to upload an picture and get it printed on a panel that attaches to your festival hydration pack. Why hasn’t an individual considered of this beforehand? That beats us, but you can guess that we will be including this to our festival necessities checklist for 2021.

We had been skeptics of this aspect at 1st, but now that we have found folks rocking some customized patterns, we completely have an understanding of how it is effective and are arranging on investing in our possess custom skins someday before long. Possessing the ability to rock a customized hydration pack at a festival really makes you adhere out and come to feel one of a kind. 

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Easy Re-fill

A further feature that will make the RaveRunner the finest pageant hydration pack is its effortless refill technological innovation. No for a longer period do you have to thoroughly just take your bladder out of your backpack, now you can just benefit from the external refill port. This speeds us the water line at festivals and receives you back again to partying more quickly than before. We will worry that GenZ only utilizes one particular kind of hydration bladder, if you are to break it, you are heading to need to have to invest in a new a person from their web-site. Nonetheless, the bladder is somewhat inexpensive so there seriously isn’t considerably of a fear there. 


An additional point that we have experienced in the earlier are pretty awkward baggage. That is not the case with the RaveRunner. Given that it was essentially layout by a functioning coach, you can not hope this pageant drinking water bag to be poorly developed. This bag is tapered so it does not dollars your again to get overheated when out on a hike or in the crowd of a very hot summertime festival. Moreover, GenZ utilized an adjustment strap strategy that is generally found on actually wonderful hydration packs utilized in ultramarathon functioning. This system distributes fat throughout your body, hence minimizing abrasions on the shoulder place. 

Now, are we ideal that the RaveRunner is without doubt the very best festival hydration pack for raves? These mad attributes add up to give you a pageant practical experience like you never have experienced prior to. If you are nevertheless unsure or don’t consider us, just head on over to their internet site and check the critiques out for you. Continue to be tuned for what GenZ has in shop. They not too long ago released a Chest Bag, and Working Upper body Pack that complements the RaveRunner correctly.

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