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Individuals have cherished the a variety of colours of gemstones you discover on our earth for hundreds of decades. A single variety of gemstone that has normally been common since of the extreme colour they have are rubies. They are one particular of the most difficult in a natural way occurring minerals on our earth, scoring 9 on the Mohs scale, which would make them excellent for jewelry. 

If you are considering some ruby jewellery and want to know in which the gemstones originate, down below are some of the most widespread areas the place you can discover rubies now.

Rubies From Myanmar (Previously Burma)

You are fortunate if you have a Burmese ruby gemstone, as these are generally viewed as the best quality rubies on the world. Although there are a variety of international locations wherever you can source rubies, the most common ones for jewelry appear from Myanmar, which was previously identified as Burma. 

The European explorer Marco Polo was the very first western individual to talk about this place, and he also pointed out the superior-high quality rubies that ended up plentiful there. If you go ruby jewelry browsing currently, aside from the pure ruby gemstones Australia presents, you will also most likely see a great deal of providers declaring to have excellent gems from Myanmar, as they are highly prized.

Rubies From Thailand

One more Southeast Asian place exactly where you can discover stunning rubies is Thailand. The rubies from Thailand are generally sad to have some of the maximum clarity and a deep red “Siamese” colour. Thailand has been famous for these stunning gems considering the fact that the 15th century, but it was not right until all over 1895 that they ended up extensively mined. Ruby manufacturing died off in the nation until eventually the 1980s when modern treatment method enhanced the good quality, and about 80% of rubies for jewelry arrived from Thailand.

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Rubies From Madagascar

It was not right up until after Planet War II that rubies had been discovered in Madagascar, and the region is nevertheless mining these attractive gems these days. Nonetheless, it is difficult to mechanically mine these gemstones in Madagascar for the reason that of the rugged jungle terrain. You typically come across that gemstones from this country have outstanding clarity. Even now, the color can typically put folks off from acquiring them, which is why numerous rubies from Madagascar are increased utilizing heat cure and other solutions.

Rubies From Vietnam

Vietnam is a further country in Southeast Asia in which you can get higher-good quality ruby gemstones that are suited for jewellery. The marble-hosted gems from this region have a color that ranges from a deep red to kinds with overtones of purple or pink. They make rubies with significant clarity, and they are also really fluorescent. However, there is a confined provide of gem-top quality rubies from Vietnam, and numerous locals use these gemstones in phong thuy, which is the Vietnamese version of feng shui.

There are lots of other nations wherever you can uncover rubies, together with:

  • Australia
  • Afghanistan
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • India
  • Japan
  • Scotland
  • Tanzania
  • Nepal

However, most jewellery experts and individuals favor to get Burmese rubies exactly where feasible, but it is not constantly attainable for experts to notify wherever they originate. When wanting for gemstone high quality rubies to turn into wonderful jewellery, be certain that you shop around and only purchase from a trustworthy gemstone vendor. Carrying out so can support assure you get a top quality ruby that seems to be fantastic and will unquestionably flip some heads when you don it.

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